Go U Classes are currently postponed, due to the COVID19 restrictions. Please stay tuned, as we hope to open up late summer 2020. Please email classes@gocomedy.net if you have questions.


Go U offers classes for a wide range of experience levels and personal motivations. Think you’re the funniest person in the office and want to take that to the stage? Wish you could be more confident when speaking in front of others in a professional setting? Already performing and looking to hone your skills? We can place you in a class that is right for you.

The entire Go U program is divided into the following sections:

  1. Improv Classes: Intro and Advanced studies in improvisation. Each program is 4 eight week terms (Intro 1-4, and Advanced 1-4), and focuses on developing improv skills applicable to the real and business world, as well as preparing the improviser for a career onstage. For students who have completed all 8 levels, we offer the Skills Program, which are higher level classes focusing on specific needs.
  2. Sketch Writing Classes: This program is for the aspiring comedy writer. It is a four term program focusing first on the types and fundamentals of sketch comedy writing, and then developing a show with a limited run at Go Comedy.
  3. Performance Classes: Audition-only classes that focus on specific skills, forms, or even musical improv, designed for students who have completed the improv program and are ready for advanced training.
  4. Go U Workshops: Occasional one-off workshops on a specific topic, often taught by out of town guest teachers.
  5. Summer Camps: Week-long improv camps for 4-12th graders.

If you are unsure where to start (or want to start with anything other than Intro 1), please reach out to the Go U staff.

Go U Classes are for 18 and up ONLY! If you are younger, check out our summer offerings for students, or email us with questions. 


Each term costs $230. There will be a $25 late fee added to this cost if you register after registration closes. Click through to either the Intro or Advanced tabs to register or pay for class. You can also sign up during box office hours at our theater. Once you pay for the class, you are considered enrolled. For more information on payment, please go here.

Visit the FAQ page.

If you have further questions, please contact Gary Lehman or Jess Kay at 248.327.0575 or classes@gocomedy.net.

  • Intro

    These classes are open to anyone, from any background with any skill set.  Everyone new starts at Intro 1. It's perfect for aspiring improvisers and actors, as well as business professionals...

  • Advanced

    Advanced Improv is for those who have completed our Intro program and are looking to further their improv education. Advanced Improv focuses on scene work and long form montages. Moving past...

  • Sketch Writing

    Our Sketch program is for the aspiring comedy writer, and requires no previous improv experience. The program will culminate in a show written by the class, and tweaked and rehearsed in levels 3...

  • Skills Program

    The Skills Program is designed for improv students who are looking for more focused training in the classroom setting. This is where you'll find our Musical Improv Classes, Improv Boot Camps, and...

  • Performance

    These classes are designed for students who have completed the Intro & Advanced programs and are looking for more specialized improv and sketch training. These will be audition-only courses,...

  • Go U Workshops

    GO U Workshops


    From time to time we offer exciting one-off additions to the Go U curriculum. Check back for updates!

  • Student Handbook

    Here are some things all Go U students should know! We do nearly all of our communication through email, so make sure to provide us with the best email address when you sign up for classes. A few...