Each Go U Term ends with a performance!
The next class show dates are:
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Monday, February 24
7PM “Alpha”  
Intro 1 Tues. (Pete)
Intro 3A Thurs. (Ryan)
Adv. 1 Tues. (Bob)

Monday, February 24
9PM “Bravo”
Intro 1 Weds. (Jake)
Intro 3B Thurs. (Mitch)
Adv. 3 Tues. (Tom)

Tuesday, February 25
7PM “Charlie”
Intro 1 Sat. (Mike)
Intro 2 Sun. (Jess)
Adv. 2 Weds. (Jeremy)

Tuesday, February 25
9PM “Delta”
Intro 2 Mon. (Tess)
Intro 4 Thurs. (Hunter)
Adv. 2 Mon. (Scotty)
Boot Camp (Jeremy)