Skills Program

The Skills Program is designed for improv students who are looking for more focused training in the classroom setting. This is where you’ll find our Musical Improv Classes, Improv Boot Camps, and more.

Registration is currently open for our term beginning August 12, 2019. Registration will close on August 7. Please email if you have questions.

Short Form Boot Camp | Sundays 3-6PM | Teacher: Jess Kay | $230

This boot camp will focus on short form improv, returning experienced improvisers to the games that started it all. You’ll learn tips and techniques for playing short form games successfully, and you’ll develop skills that will enhance your long form performance. This camp is especially geared toward those who are hoping to audition for Go Comedy’s Dragon Army (auditions will take place in October, following this 8 week class), or competing in Itty Bits, but it’s also great for anyone who just wants to have fun stretching those short form improv muscles. Completion of Intro 4 required to enroll.

A Focus on Narrative Skills | Mondays 7-10PM | Teacher: Dean Haglund | $200

In this semester we focus on narrative skills to find, intuitively, the three act structure within a improv scene.   Storytelling is the most intrinsically fulfilling way of doing improv scenes and over the course of eight weeks  we develop skills to drive a narrative even as everything else in the scene is going wrong. Expect unusual game structures and rare rudimentary drills that develop one’s innate ability to tell a story on stage. Advanced 2 or higher to enroll.
This will be a 6-week course, off-weeks to be determined by the class on August 12. No discounts for this class.

As always, email to apply for our skills classes.

The roster will be decided on a number of factors including composition of the class, previous skills class enrollment, and individual experience.