Skills Program

The Skills Program is designed for improv students who are looking for more focused training in the classroom setting. This is where you’ll find our Musical Improv Classes, Improv Boot Camps, and more.

Registration is closed. Our next term begins March 10, 2020 and registration will open by noon on February 11. Please email if you have questions. (The courses listed below are for the current January term; dates and times will change for the next term).

MUSICAL IMPROV BOOT CAMP | Teacher: Jeremy St. Martin | Sundays 3:30-6:30PM

This boot camp will focus exclusively on musical improv, with Go Comedy’s Music Director, Jeremy St. Martin.┬áThis class is for those interested in elevating musical improv to the next level. Learn song structure, rhyme, harmony and melody, plus basic voice technique. This class is for those wanting to get out of their head and explore musical improv on an advanced level. Adv. 2 or higher required.

As always, email to apply for our skills classes.

The roster will be decided on a number of factors including composition of the class, previous skills class enrollment, and individual experience.