Skills Program

The Skills Program is designed for improv students who are looking for more focused training in the classroom setting. This is where you’ll find our Musical Improv Classes, Improv Boot Camps, and more. Registration is currently closed. It will open on April 30, 2019 for our term beginning May 28; please check back then for boot camp offerings.

Long Form? So What?: Improv Boot Camp with Pete Jacokes | Sundays 330-630PM

Why the hell are you scared of improv? Are you scared of having a bad set? So what? There will be other sets. Are you scared of not knowing the “right” thing to say? So what? Literally anything you say can be the “right” thing to say. This program will use different long forms to help you get over yourself, think bigger picture, and hopefully learn that basically we are all grown adults playing make believe.

Each week will focus on different forms and different ways to fail spectacularly to learn that it ain’t so bad.