Amy D., Intro 2

This class exceeded my expectations. It’s advertised as “safe” and that’s a great description. The collaborative atmosphere enables you to feel safe trying something new, safe being silly, safe playing outside your comfort zone… Highest compliments to the class structure and the Business as a whole. We feel fortunate to have found Go Comedy!

Patty G., Completed Intro & Advanced

I started the Go program because I was sad and needed something to make me not sad, and it ended up completely changing my life! I gained confidence, I made friends, met my boyfriend, got a job, and literally like a million other things! I get to express myself and pursue my passions on a near daily basis now and it’s all because Jenny Bloomer taught me Zip! Zap! Zop! in 2015. Join our cult!

Matt W., Advanced 2

I signed up for classes initially because I thought I was kind of funny and wanted a collaborative way to explore that. I indeed got what I was looking for, but I also ended up getting a crash course in confidence and communication. I learned to stop overthinking things and trust that if I try something I’ll be okay, even if I fail. I listen a lot better to people and have a lot more success understanding them and getting on the same page. These skills permeate my life well beyond the classroom and the stage, and that’s just not something I could have seen coming.

Jen C., Advanced 4

As I enter my last term here at Go, I cannot believe what a fun journey this has been. I now have more confidence on stage and in daily life, and I have made friendships for life. Going to improv class has always been the absolute highlight of my week.

Malen T., Intro 2

Taking Improv classes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! It has not only helped me as a performer, but it has helped me in my real life with things such as anxiety and focus. Whether it is to become a better performer or it is for therapeutic reasons, I would recommend Improv classes to ANYONE!